Guest Writers Wanted

📢 Calling all wildlife enthusiasts and prehistoric aficionados!

Join our team of writers for Gage Beasley Wildlife and Gage Beasley Prehistoric!

Do you have a passion for the wild (past and or present) and a flair for storytelling?

We’re on the lookout for talented individuals to contribute to our Wildlife and Prehistoric blogs.

If you’re a wordsmith with a love for wildlife and or prehistoric wonders, we want to hear from you!

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or a budding enthusiast, we welcome your unique perspective.

How to Get Involved:

1. Email James: Shoot an email to to discuss how your words can bring the wonders of wildlife and prehistoric life to life on our blogs.


2. Send us a DM on IG: Reach out to us here with a brief introduction and your area of interest.

Please note we would require a link to your writing portfolio, some samples of your work or an amazing reason why you think you’d be a great contributor :). 

Let the adventure begin as we explore the fascinating realms of the wild together!

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